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City Diagram Search

Top 20 City Diagrams
By number of built, under construction and
proposed highrises that we have drawn
1 Toronto1402
2 New York City1324
3 Kiev1218
4 Hong Kong800
5 Chicago755
6 Bangkok667
7 Kharkiv425
8 London413
9 Tokyo402
10 Mexico399
11 Buenos Aires352
12 Rotterdam346
13 Taichung313
14 Montreal301
15 Lima286
16 Los Angeles282
17 Jakarta274
18 Shijiazhuang260
19 Seoul259
20 Amsterdam248
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Links to Interesting Diagrams

Latest Additions - the newest drawings by SkyscraperPage illustrators

   World's Ten Tallest Buildings
Current tallest, by official height
Current tallest, by roof height

Construction & proposals
Destroyed buildings
Historical timeline
Buildings with holes
Buildings with narrow base

1000 feet and up
500 feet and up

1930s New York
1930s Chicago

Timeline Diagrams - Buildings are ordered by year built, giving a historical view of a city's development.
• Atlanta, • Berlin, • Buenos Aires, • Calgary, • Chicago, • Frankfurt, • Hong Kong, • London, • Los Angeles, • Melbourne, • Mexico City, • Montreal, • Moscow, • New York City, • Philadelphia, • San Francisco, • Sao Paulo, • Seattle, • Shanghai, • Sydney, • Tokyo, • Toronto, • Vancouver

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The search form for the SkyscraperPage Diagrams is one of the most powerful and versatile building searching tools available today. For descriptions on using the search form see: Search Form Instructions.

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Diagram Information

Drawing Regulations - All drawings submitted to the skyscraper diagrams must adhere to the regulations.

Drawing Help - Learn how to create your own drawings and add them to the SkyscraperPage diagrams.

Diagrams Forum - Discussions related to the SkyscraperPage diagrams.

Requests & Corrections - Supply information about new buildings or data corrections.

Drawing Requests - Bring undrawn buildings to the attention of our illustrators.

Diagram Stats - Summary totals of the SkyscraperPage diagrams.

 61,059 Drawings - The total number of drawings in our buildings database - the largest skyscraper diagram in existence. 
46,369Structures Drawn - The number of buildings and other structures that have been drawn. Some of these structures have more than one drawing.
32,492Completed Highrises Drawn - The number of completed highrise buildings that have been drawn (building must currently exist, 2020).
887Illustrators - Members who have contributed their talent to our skyscraper diagrams.

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