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Weekly Drawing Update
This diagram shows all of the drawings added to the SkyscraperPage diagrams in the week of Saturday, February 8th to 15th, minus miscellaneous structures. Structures are ordered by pinnacle height.
• For miscellaneous structures see here (0)     • For all structures together see here (70)

This diagram is updated every Saturday with the newest drawings from the past week. It is provided for the convenience of those wishing to keep up with all of the newest drawings in a handy once-a-week update. You won't miss a single new drawing if you visit this page every week. For even more recent updates see the Latest Additions.

The groundline of the diagram indicates the status of each structure.

BLACK · Built
GREEN · Under-Construction
YELLOW · On-Hold
BLUE · Proposed
PURPLE · Stale Proposal
RED · Cancelled
BROWN · Destroyed
PINK · Vision
GREY · Fantasy

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