Drawing Regulations - Rules all illustrators must follow
How to Create Drawings
Make the 1:1 Scale GIF
How to Upload Drawings

Tutorials - Lessons on technique and style

Kirk's Method for Drawing Skyscraper Diagrams   Kirk Cumming
Smoothing the Sides of Chimneys, Observation Towers etc.   Jared
Vector Tutorial in French (SSPIA members only)   MaleiG

How to submit your drawings
Find the building in the diagram you want to add a drawing for and click on its picture to open the building details page (example).  At the top-left corner of this page will be a link to 'Add new drawing' (you must be logged-in).

Be sure you are familiar with the Drawing Regulations.

Currently there is no easy way to add a drawing for a building which is not already in the database, nor to add a new building (or city) to the database.  Some of the Editors do have access to add new buildings, but this procedure is not yet available to others.  We are working on this.

Edit your drawings
An 'Edit drawing' link shows for each drawing in your diagram.  The edit link will take you to a page where you can edit certain information about that drawing.

You can write some comments about a drawing, specify the lighting effect and angle of a drawing, delete a drawing, and replace a drawing.  More information about how to use these features can be found here.

The correct way to submit an updated drawing
An updated drawing is one which is already in the diagram, but the illustrator has made some improvements to it and is going to submit it again.  Since a version of this drawing already exists in the diagram, the best way to submit the new version is to click the 'Edit drawing' link for the older version, and use the 'Replace drawing' link on the editing page.

The new version of the drawing will still need to be approved, and when it is approved the old version will be automatically deleted.  Any extra information about the old drawing will also be retained with the new version.

Why was your drawing deleted?
Some drawings that are submitted to the diagram, or are already in the diagram, do not measure up to the new quality standards and therefore have been deleted. These drawings no longer display in the normal diagrams, they only show in the diagram of "deleted" drawings (link). There are several hundred deleted drawings now, so finding any of yours is a bit difficult.  We will eventually make a way to search through these easier.

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