All structures in the diagrams are drawn at a scale of 1 pixel = 1 meter.
  We call this 1:1 scale (one-to-one scale).

However, the original drawing which you create can be at any size larger than or equal to 1:1 scale.

In this example the original drawing was done at 2:1 scale, twice the size as the image used in the diagrams. 4:1 scale is also another popular size, and is recommended if you want your drawing to be used for other things, like posters or otherwise printed.

If your original drawing is at a scale larger than 1:1 then it will have to be resized down to the proper scale for the diagrams. Be sure to retain a copy of your original drawing though, as this can be uploaded as well.

While you are working on your drawings the best file format to save them in is the native format of the graphics program you are working with. Never save your drawings in the JPEG format as it will seriously degrade the image quality making it unsuitable for use.

When a drawing is finished and ready to be uploaded save a copy of your work in PNG format and a resized version in GIF. Be sure each one is properly cropped, and the GIF has a transparent background.

If you can give the PNG a transparent background or even translucent edges then do so, but this is not absolutely required.

Never save your drawings in JPEG format. JPEG is ment for photographs, and severly reduces the quality of flat colour line drawings.

Remove all extraneous white space form around the images which you upload. Do not include any text or other markings. Copyright text will be added by the diagrams system when necessary.

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