In the diagrams, buildings are displayed at a scale of one meter per pixel.  For convenience we refer to this as 1:1 scale (one-to-one scale).  This page explains how to create the 1:1 scale GIF images with the popular graphics program, Photoshop.

Here we have the Barclay Bank Building.  It's drawn at high-resolution, and now the image needs to be resized to 1:1 scale.  The building is 143 meters tall, so the image is resized to 143 pixels in height.  Be sure to always retain a copy of your original drawing, and save any resized images under a different filename.

Original drawing


     At 1:1 scale

Now that the drawing is at the necessary scale it must be converted to GIF format.  This compresses the file to reduce file size, and enables the image to have a transparent background.  A transparent background allows the height measurement lines of the diagram system to display behind the building.

With Photoshop, the image must be converted to indexed color before saving in GIF.  So we select from the menu Image > Mode > Indexed Color, selecting Ok at any prompts, and the image is converted.

Now to create the transparency, we go File > Export > GIF89a Export and the transparency window appears.  It's the blank areas of the image which we want to make transparent, any areas outside of the building which could be considered as background.  Using the image editing tools presented in the transparency window we can move around the drawing and select certain colors to be set as transparent, usually white.


We then click Ok, and save the GIF file.  This is the file which will be uploaded to the diagrams as 1:1 scale.

    1:1 scale GIF ready for upload

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