Smoothing the Sides of Chimneys, Observation Towers etc.    by Jared

Welcome. This isn't going to be a long and frustrating (or at least I hope not) article, just a simple little trick i have taught myself to make diagrams with slants (chimneys, observation towers etc.) look a little better. Keep in mind that this article describes how to do smoothing with Corel Photo-Paint, the buttons and names on your program may be different than the ones i use. Also, keep in mind that this is not an article on how to draw a building or structure, its how to touch it up when its done.

Lets get started:

For demonstrative purposes, im going to draw a chimney as my example.

First, you will need to have your drawing otherwise completed.

Okay, so here is your drawing:

Now, it does look nice, but look at those edges, chimneys dont have setbacks, they have slants. So how to we fix that? Read on...

The first thing you have to know how to do is to Blend, which you should do, because you blended to get your chimney/obervation tower mast to look similar to mine.

Now, on Corel Photo-Paint you will first want to select the "Mask Rectangle" tool. then, you will want to select the very bottom of you drawing, and drag it all the way up to the first "setback". it should look something like this:

Next you will want to select the "Interactive Fill Tool" (it may have a different name in your program)

Now, you want to select the two colours that you want it to blend. One will obviously be white (thats the colour of the background on the diagram datebase) and one will be the colour of the outside pixil of your drawing (in this case, Black). You will want to put the White at the top and the side of your drawing colour at the bottom (again, in this case, Black). It will look like this

You will now have to repeat that step with every single setback

What it should look like after doing one whole side:

Look at the difference!!!!!

And when you are finished:

Now remember to leave the blended parts in when you make your drawing transparent, otherwise it will look like it did before. Even if it looks white, keep it, because no one will notice if you have a pixel of white between the side of your drawing and diagrams measurement lines.

Now remember, I drew a chimney, but this can also be used for anything with a slant, such as Obervation and Communication Towers etc.

Now go and draw something, and good luck!

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