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Find the building you want to add a drawing for. Use the search form or navigate through the Cities section of the site. On the building's data page will be a link to add a drawing. If the building is not in our database you can use the building requests section of our forum to notify an editor of the building.
  Search for a building by name or address, or location

Drawings uploaded to the SkyscraperPage diagrams must be in the following format
    • GIF image format (no animations),
    • Transparent background or green background (RGB: 000-255-000),
    • Resized to a scale of 1 pixel = 1 meter,
    • Maximum file size of 150 kilobytes.

The GIF image is used in the diagrams and is the only file made available to the public. In addition to the 1:1 scale GIF, two other files can be uploaded. An original PNG and an other format image.

Example upload form. Only the GIF is required, but the others are recommended.

The 1:1 scale GIF image must have a transparent background, while this is optional with the PNG. We use the checkered background to indicate a transparent background


After successful upload, drawings must be approved by administration before they are included into the main diagrams. This should happen within 24 hours.

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