Skyscraper Diagram Drawing Regulations
The drawing regulations govern all new drawings in the skyscraper diagrams. To be an illustrator and submit drawings one must agree to the regulations.

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Original Creation
This is the golden rule for drawings in the skyscraper diagrams.
A drawing must be a completely original work of the illustrating party responsible for submitting it to the skyscraper diagrams.
This means that a drawing may absolutely not contain any content which does not originate from the hand of the illustrating party. No borrowing of content, no manipulation of other graphics, no plagiarization. There is zero-tolerance for violation of this rule.
Illustrating Party
The illustrating party is the person or group who creates a drawing.
A drawing may contain work from more than one person provided each person permits their work to be used in a group drawing and each person created their work with the intent of it being used in the skyscraper diagrams. This being said, cases of more than one person contributing to a drawing are rare.
Drawing Format
The visual format of drawings must be done in elevation style. This means that a building is depicted without perspective and proportions are to scale, within reason. The elevation view may show the building face flat or angled.
Heights to various points on the building in a drawing must match the height values that are given in the database for that building at time of submission of drawing.
Other elements of the building depicted by a drawing (such as floors, windows, setbacks, color, etc.) should be as accurate as possible but don't need to be exact.
Illustration Tools
A drawing is permitted to contain elements originating from any tool or function of graphics editing software, subject to the discretion of the website staff, provided such elements aren't prohibited elsewhere in these regulations.
A 2D rendering of a 3D model is permitted so long as the 3D model is a completely original work of the illustrating party.
Prohibited Elements
The following graphic elements are prohibited from being part of a drawing.
Photographs, whether they originate from the illustrating party or not
Excessive use of trees and other landscape features which aren't integral or complementary to the architectural design of the building depicted
Lens flare effect
Tracing over (drawing over top of) another graphic, whereby the details of the other graphic are duplicated, is prohibited.
Subjective Terms
The application of subjective terms in these regulations is at the discretion of the website staff. Such terms used include, but are not limited to: within reason, as accurate as possible, excessive, and subtle.

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